Union Duty-free and Union Border Trade are subsidiaries of Brandstar Holdings Ltd.

Cosmetics Division

We have dealing with Cosmetics from 2004. After 10 years' development, Union Duty-free Ltd has been one of the largest brand cosmetics trading firm in South-East Asia, mainly covering China and "tough to reach" market where manufacturers have limited distribution coverage.

"Genuine Original Product Only" is our core value and principle always. Accumulated Global Distribution Network, Union's cosmetics team never stop helping clients searching for profitable items worldwide. Through self-owned warehouses, 50,000 square feet (till Sept. 2012), we can keep more ready stock for clients at a lower cost.

Our excellent supporting team is also a reliable partner for clients and suppliers. Inspecting product version, batch code, and the packaging for every order is a standard service.

Pharmacy Division

It is one of the sales team of Union Duty-free Ltd., focusing on pharmacy products. We sell only world recognized brand of genuine original baby milk powder, household and personal care products and toiletries.

Our business is divided into two parts: General Trade and Domestic Distribution

General Trade

China(PRC), Hong Kong and Macau are the usual area we cover. Due to our comprehensive global network and business scale, we are able to secure competitive price and profitability to our customers. To protect suppliers' interest we deliver goods only in requested markets and proper moment under suppliers' instruction.

Domestic Distribution

We invested heavily in our professional staff on marketing, sales, logistics team and expanded self-owned warehouse offer us to be a company that is capable to meet day-to-day delivery to pharmacies covering every corner in Hong Kong. Union Duty-free has always been your resourceful partner to who would like to expand your market coverage and distribution channel in Hong Kong or others.

Luxury Division

Branded watches is a fast growing business of Union Duty-free Ltd. With the geographical advantage, we got the key in entering China and being active in the Asia market. We started watches business in fashion watches and now we extend to Swiss watches as well. Full coverage on different pricing watches is a successful factor in our business. With valuable experience in the industry, we have a good understanding of vendor's consideration. Vendor's interest will always be the first priority in our business.

In the future, Union Duty-Free will focus on exploring new market. Instant cash is always ready for further development. Union, could be the great partner for you.